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KMS Strassburg

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nye bakmontert kran 60 tm

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Endelig er ferdig - nye kranbil MAN med hiab 638 jib og vinsj kommer snart

reparere tilhenger lastebil

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reparerer gamle lastebilhenger

Gamle hestevogn

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Restaurere gamle hestevogn (før og etter)

artikkel fra Hiab om nye kran KMS Strassburg

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Loader crane on velvet paws – HIAB heavy range crane with sophisticated stability control for KMS Strassburg


Hiab has delivered its first crane with the stability system VSLplus earlier this year in Germany. The HIAB X-HiPro 1058, with six-time support on a Mercedes-Benz Arocs chassis, has been installed by the Hiab partner BAMAG n Weimar for the Norwegian company KMS Strassburg.


The heavy range crane X-HiPro 1058 is the flagship of the HIAB loader crane family and boasts a hook height up to 35 meters above the ground. Thus, the four-axle comes as erecting crane on construction sites for use and is intended for mounting of prefabricated houses, glass facades and photovoltaic plants.


"With the new HIAB crane vehicle, the maximum range of our crane technology increased by approximately five meters. This opens up additional jobs on construction sites. Especially the sophisticated stability control VSLplus helps us to increase the efficiency of the crane in confined spaces without jeopardising the stability of the four-axle vehicle," said KMS owner Dirk Strassburg at the official vehicle handover in Weimar.


Strassburg is originally from Thueringen in central Germany, but immigrated to Norway and founded a crane service including steel construction company with its own workshop a decade ago. And now, he is growing his fleet, which has its headquarters in Vestfossen and operates on the various construction sites in Norway. His son Kevin is also in the family business as a crane operator.


How VSLplus benefits KMS Strassburg’s business


Especially when the outrigger beams are partially extended, as it often occurs at the construction sites of the KMS Strassburg, the VSLplus system can increase the lifting capacity of the crane considerably. Depending on the supporting geometry, the lifting capacity arises especially in pivot-areas where other systems would force the crane to stop. A loaded truck crane can increase the lifting capacity even more due to larger counter moment.


VSLplus regulates and continuously compares the outrigger pressures of the stabiliser cylinders, and by increasing the weight of the carrier vehicle, the system increases the lifting capacity of the crane.. When the loader crane is stable enough, continuing the work is possible.


The enhanced security system monitors the loader crane and, for the first time, takes into account the load of the vehicle in the stability calculation. This contains length measurement sensors, which are installed in a tamper-proof vertical direction into the support leg cylinders’ pressure sensors. Additional sensors detect the tilt angle and the arm position of the crane. The in-built computer is processing the data in a few milliseconds, so that VSLplus can monitor all stability relevant movements and regulate the respective permissible lifting capacity of the crane without intervention by the crane operator.


Additional benefits with the HIAB crane


The VSLplus is not the only thing on board the four axle truck which helps KSM Strassburg. In addition to the basic crane, HIAB X-HiPro 1058 E-8 has eight boom extensions which offer the crane a greater range and flexibility, and a jib 150X-6 with six extensions, one manual extension and a hydraulic hoist. These allow a quick lifting and lowering, for example, to maneuver tiles or photovoltaic elements quickly on high roofs. Overall, the crane can reach with its manual extension a horizontal outreach of 34,5 meters and creates a vertically stretched height of 37 meters.


Additionally, the HIAB crane has a highly effective vertical damping of the boom system. The load stability system LSS guarantees fast, smooth, and safe loading and setting the load. This function automatically prevents swinging of the load with abrupt releasing the control levers, which is essential especially for assembly work with high precision. For this purpose, the computer programme records in milliseconds each pressure peak variation in lifting cylinders and leads to vibration compensation by counter movements.


For exact crane movements, the crane operator can utilise the free programmable radio remote control HIAB CombiDrive². The lightweight controller means that the operator can operate the crane further away from the vehicle, and allows him to control all crane functions including stabiliser functions and the reading all necessary data on the convenient display.


Installing this all – how it was done by BAMAG truck body construction


To give the crane on Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3251 8x4 sufficient stability and prevent bending during use, BAMAG has made a seven meter long sub-frame which extends from crane-mounting frame to the rear of the vehicle. This massively made, nearly 3 ton heavy auxiliary frame is only 230 millimeter high and manufactured in box sections technology of a welded construction with 12 to 20 millimeter thick partition plates. It takes the crane together with its two supporting legs with a nine meter support width and the axillary stabiliser bridge at the rear with six-meter support width free of torsion. Thus, the auxiliary frame protects the relatively weak truck chassis.


In order to be able to work over the cab, BAMAG has equipped the truck with two additional support cylinders in front of vehicle. For the six-point support of the crane, Mercedes-Benz had provided the Arocs truck with a frame reinforcement. Only in this way it was possible to introduce the front-side supporting forces to twelve tons over the massive BAMAG front panel in the subframe.


In test mode with extended boom to 34 meter outreach and one ton of load on the hook, the torsional rigidity of the chassis and the sub-frame has received top marks from the experts. The independent testing organisation DEKRA has tested the HIAB crane before delivery to the customer and certified it: the construction crane on the Mercedes-Benz Arocs complies with the Machinery Directive MD 2006/42 / EC for the requirements of cranes and crane standard EN 12999:-2013.


"I've already installed 120 cranes, but this large crane was the most demanding," admits Hans-Jürgen Ensslen, CEO of BAMAG Fahrzeugbau GmbH in Weimar. His twelve-member team did the engineering and the complex construction work, calculated axle loads, stability, procured materials and parts. The end result should last even in the demanding Scandinavian weather conditions at least for the next ten years without corrosion or other weaknesses. At the rear of the chassis, the bodybuilders integrated upon customer wish also a frame extension including tailboard, underride protection and rear lights which are about 1,70 meters extendable. This allows KMS Strassburg to tranport and handle 20-feet-ISO container if required, with their own crane, and to lift up to 17 meters in height depending on container weight.



For more information, please contact:

Bettina Kuppert, Marketing & PR, Hiab Germany; tel. +49 (0)511 77 05 123,

e-mail [email protected]